Jun 13, 2011

NurZahra Heritage - Indigo Batik

A Greener Approach to Contemporary Hijab Fashion

The exciting journey to the simple, stylish and comfortable hijab wear continues with the NurZahra Heritage. The new line of headscarf, pashmina, tunic and maxi dress from NurZahra will add versatility to modern Moslem women fashion by combining the lightness and breeze of cotton voile with the exclusive indigo batik design.

The use of batik in the design of the Heritage was an easy decision. It’s our cultural heritage that comprises the sophisticated batik keraton and the ingenious yet dynamic batik pesisir; both symbolize class and vigor. And in the NurZahra Heritage, the classical elements of Indonesian batik are blended with modern ideas from other parts the world that results in a fresh universal design of stunning geometrical lines.

The NurZahra Heritage also pushes the envelope further by embracing ecological friendly process in the production of its indigo batik collection. The print design on all item is created using natural dye from plants like indigo for the blue color, while yellow and green, for instance,  are extracted naturally from the skin of morinda citrifolia and the trunk of mahogany respectively. It’s the same method used by our ancestors to produce long-lasting and vibrant colors. The technique is also proven to be safe for the environment because the waste will do nothing but reducing the acid level of the soil.

Special emphasis is given to maximize comfort  by the use of cotton voile fabric that is practical, airy and easy to care for. And with contemporary batik design in an array of natural colors, the Heritage will provide plenty of choices for casual as well as formal occasions. The NurZahra Heritage is, therefore, a perfect fit for the Moslem women of today who aspire to stay covered, fashionable and environmentally conscious. 

Fashionable and environmentally conscious "Indigo Batik NurZahra"